Desi Quilters

Desi Quilters is a group of phenomenal ladies who share two things:  1) a love of quilting and 2) a love of India.  Most are of an Indian ethnicity, but in spite of my lack of an Indian heritage, these ladies have warmly welcomed me into their circle.  They have quilting bees, monthly challenges (like complete a quilt project using only squares or using only monochromatic prints, etc), and small project quilt alongs designed to build  skills.  This group has been a source of inspiration, education and support.  It is amazing what these ladies can do with limited access to fancy notions and such.  I encourage you to take a look at what the Desi Quilters are up to by visiting their blog here or their facebook drawing room (where the real action is) here.  

You can also visit individual Desi Quilters at their personal blog sites below.  Tell them Kim at Quilty Doodads sent you!

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  1. Kimberly...That was a big effort from you to put up this page...Thank you so much for talking about Desi Quilters...