Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I wish I were a speedy stitcher.  I'm amazed at the quilting bloggers of the world who seem to be so productive.  They manage to post regularly on their blog and design, assemble and quilt amazing works of art.  Me?  I'm a slow poke....I even prefer the turtle setting on my sewing machine!

This week I am working on a twin size quilt incorporating nine "Envy" blocks from the book, Modern Blocks.  Here is a peek at what one looks like.  The fabric is by City Girl.  I'll share more progress with you later this week.

I'm trying to rush the hubby through dinner tonight so I can join Talkin Tuesdays on Twitter in a bit.  It sounds like a lot of fun....I hope you pop over and join the conversation if you can.

See you there.


  1. Hey Kim, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and I am sooooooo sorry that I didnt come here earlier! I got confused with who I'm already following. But now I'm here and I'm gonna stay ;-)
    Love your wonky houses!!! I have some realtors among my in-laws and those would make a lovely gift.
    I had to laugh about the turtle setting on your sewing machine, cause people actually did not believe me that there were a bunny and a turtle on my machine, too ;-)
    With some things it's actually much better to go slow!

  2. This is a lovely block and I like the fabrics you have chosen :)

  3. Love the block and the fabrics, it's going to be lovely. Your font got small again, you can change it in settings, let me know if you want me to show you

  4. hi! lovely block, i hear you on the slow poke thing, i'm right there with ya. i tend to speed piece on the machine as fast as i can get it to go, but projects take me forever anyways. and when i hand piece things, it goes pretty slow (in comparison anyways, i actually think i'm a pretty quick hand-stitcher too!). mostly i just take long breaks and get distracted while sewing, thus things take longer haha!