Saturday, August 25, 2012

Spiral Squares?

Several years ago I picked up a coloring book - not for a kiddo....just for me.  The coloring book was called OptiDesigns by  I searched their website recently, but wasn't able to find this particular title on their shelves any more, but they do have other titles that look like they would be just as much fun.  So, why am I telling you about this crazy coloring book?

I love geometric shapes and as I was browsing through the coloring book, I was inspired to try to recreate those spiral squares you see on the bottom left corner of the cover in a quilt block.  I blew the photo up on a copy machine and attacked this project using paper piecing.  I'm fairly pleased with the results, but it's not exactly what I was hoping to achieve.  I'm hoping that once I quilt them I will be able to emphasize a bit more of the spiral shape.  

This block was submitted to the QuiltCon block challenge.  While it probably will not win any awards, I enjoyed going through the steps to create this piece and I hope it will be put to good use in a quilt for a child in need.  

After making the block for the QuiltCon block challenge I wasn't quite ready to stop so I pulled out my Christmas fabrics and created a spiral block to add to my Christmas table runner....a work in progress.

Of course, in recent weeks, I have come to realize my spiral squares are not a unique idea.  Others call this block the twisted log cabin.  I'm not sure if others are creating this block using improvisation, paper piecing or some other method.  I utilized a log cabin approach with a paper pieced foundation as my guide to construct the block.  It worked well for me, but it was a time consuming process.

I'm still in a Christmas mood.  I'm focusing my attention on the Vintage Holiday Quilt Along right now.  I'll have some pictures of that project up for you next week.

In other news I am participating in the Blog Hop Party with Giveaways!  Check back tomorrow for the details on what you can win.


  1. Love the design. Even if it isn't 100% original. You went out on a limb and tried something new. Props for that! :)

  2. uhh I love these squares too! (I've seen a whole quilt made with these, looks gorgeous! did you foundation piece them?
    (now you got me looking at your blog more)

  3. This colouring book looks great! I love your spiralling squares :)

  4. Just love the spiral block. Love anything with curves and this is clever. Excellent work. Just catching up with blogs had ISP problem so missed out on the great giveaways....ah well